Deck Reservation Policy

Member Deck Reservation Policy

One of the incredible perks of membership is the ability to reserve a deck for a party or gathering!


This is the process to reserve one of the decks (either the upper or lower deck):

  1. Ask at the front desk about deck availability on the day of your event.
  2. If a deck is available, the lifeguard will ask you to fill out the reservation form.  The form is available onsite in the deck reservation binder or here
  3. The deck is now yours!  Enjoy!



Please Note The Following:

  • As a member, there is no cost to reserve one deck.
  • You are responsible for the the $5 guest fee for every guest at your event who is not a member of the pool. You are responsible for collecting all guest fees (or pay them yourself)– the lifeguards are not responsible for collecting the guest fees.
  • If your event is large enough that you need both the upper and lower decks at the same time, please first reach out to Jim, our Pool Manager.  His cell is (206) 601-3492.
  • Members can sign up for no more than 2 Deck Reservations at any one time on the Deck Reservation Calendar so that all members have equal opportunity to reserve a deck.