Before SRC opens for the summer season, the 2020 SRC Board has some exciting news and lots of projects to complete. We are finally ticking off some of the items members have been asking us to address in our annual survey. That said, the SRC Board has committed to spend $105K to do the following:

  • $25K to tear down the dilapidated clubhouse (finally!)
  • $70K to redo the cracked & failing pool cement deck
  • $10K for a new slide (we had to put this project on hold last year due to failing cement deck but we know this is a BIG deal for kids young and old). Stay tuned for plans of new slide in coming months!

In addition to these 3 large ticket items, there will be small projects to continue to upgrade SRC and make it a great family-friendly place to enjoy the long days of summer. These include:

  • Updating toilets and urinals (larger bathroom remodel will have to wait, but it is on the list to update)
  • Painting the front exterior building
  • Replacing doors to bathrooms and office
  • Hiding the garbage bins to enhance entrance
  • Trimming of overgrowth of brush to improve view side

We are excited for all these changes and improvements and thank all the members who have provided invaluable feedback on how we can continue to make SRC a gem in our community. As always if you have questions please contact Michael Ketchum SRC president.