SRC continues to modify based on Department of Health and Government guidance.  Recently, it was communicated that only 1 swimmer per lane is allowed for appointment-only lap swim.  Even family members are not permitted to ensure that social distancing between other lanes is maintained.  Currently, beginning instruction is not permitted when the instructor is required to be in the water.   That said, please make sure you send only 1 child to a lap swim reservation.

We have been thrilled with the popularity of lap swim and limits on reservations continue. As a reminder members can only have 4 active reservations at a time and no more than once a day per membership. If you are swimming during your regularly-scheduled appointment and nobody shows up to follow you, you are welcome to continue swimming until the next 30 minute break.  However, please be prepared to exit the pool swiftly if the next appointment arrives late. 
Starting Monday, August10, Appointment-Only Lap Swim is from 12-8 PM daily