Signed up for appointment only lap swim? We would ask that you pay special attention to the instructions regarding how to enter and exit the pool.

Before signing up for lap swim time please download, print and sign and bring this waiver with you to your first lap swim reservation.  We will not be able to allow you to swim with out it.

When you come down for your pre-scheduled lap swim please come in your suit. Bring limited amounts of items from your home. Please bring a water bottle as all water fountains can only be used to refill water bottles. We will ask you to enter at the front door and check in at the front desk. You will then proceed directly through clubhouse to the pool deck and follow the roped path. There you will find 4 social distanced chairs to place your things and clean kickboards and swim equipment for your personal use

When your swim is completed, we require that you exit via the upper East side of the pool and not through locker rooms or the clubhouse being vigilant in observing appropriate social distancing from the other swimmers, coaches, etc. NOTE: locker room dressing area and showers are closed to use, only used for emergency restroom or handwashing purposes.

Obviously, there cannot be loitering or meetings on the pool deck, club house or in the parking lot. This will be hard as we are all excited to see each other.

The staff will be doing regular cleaning of all kickboards or swimming equipment used. The pool deck will be completely sanitized at 3-hour intervals.

Do not wear a face mask while swimming. However please wear a mask for entering and exiting the facility. Also, if you are ill or experiencing any symptoms of the virus, been diagnosed with COVID-19 and have not recovered or are still within the required 14-day quarantine or if you have had contact with a person that has or is suspected to have had COVID-19 within the last 14 days, do not come to the club.

And while the governmental authorities in our area have determined to permit athletic practices and competitions to resume, notwithstanding the continuing hazards posed by the COVID-19 virus.  Somerset Recreation Club does not possess the medical expertise to determine whether it is safe to resume swimming activities in our locality or to assess the degree of risk that you may be undertaking, should you decide to do so.  Somerset Recreation Club urges you to consult publicly available information, such as that provided by the Centers for Disease Control and/or your local governmental agencies, so that you can make your own independent judgment as to the degree of risk that you will be undertaking, should you decide to engage in swimming activities.

We welcome each member to visit and read the guidelines provided on the King County website. It is these guidelines that will inform our facility Covid-19 policy provided below.

If we all comply with these guidelines, hopefully the facility will be allowed to fully open soon.