Thanks for another fun and successful SRC Auction! Thanks to the generosity of auction attendees and all those who have donated to SRC this year, as of 7/28/19 SRC donations for the for 2019 season are at $41,571.42 in donations (includes fundraising, auction, donations, work party donations and matching donations through 7/28/2019). This is awesome and the generosity of our donors over the past few years have allowed for some significant changes. We’ve repaired and replaced the roof on the clubhouse. We’ve replaced both the west and upper wood decks. We’ve replaced lane lines and purchased a pool cover. We’ve added one gazebo and a second will soon be assembled.

However, there are many more projects around the club that need attention and we can’t do it without you and your support and we are still $18,500 away from reaching our $60K fundraising goal! If you weren’t able to attend the auction or if you haven’t donated and want SRC to continue making improvements, please consider donating today to our annual Fundraising Efforts which ends on September 30, 2019 and help us reach our goal! Any amount is appreciated!

You can easily donate online by clicking on this link:

Donate online today!

And remember:

SRC is a 501(c)(3) and charitable donations to SRC are allowed as tax deductions by the IRS, and also makes SRC eligible to receive additional “matching funds” for donations made by individuals working for various employers in the area. Please consult with a financial advisor or tax professional to understand how charitable donations would impact your tax status.

Work for Google, MSFT, T-Mobile, FB, Gates Foundation, Boeing, Starbucks, etc.? You could double your donation $ to SRC with corporate matching programs! Our area is fortunate that many companies around here match its employees charitable donations. If you work for such a company, you can easily double your impact to SRC! If you have any questions please email Emilie Castle

Thanks for all your continued support!

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