We had a ton of great swimming this season but the big news at Champs was that two 43 year old pool records were broken during the 2021 summer swim team season! Congrats to this group of amazingly fast swimmers! 

Sean Broadwell    15+Boys    50 Freestyle  7/26/21    22.78
This was a SRC record that was 43 years old!!!! Even before Jim’s time, if you can believe it! And if anyone knows Brad Hales and/or his family, please let them know his SRC record was one of the longest standing!

S. Broadwell, I. Crowley, J. Castle, J. Ketchum     15+Boys    200 Free Relay 7/26/21 1:35.18
Another SRC record that was 43 years old!!!! If anyone knows B.Hales, B.Roedel, J.Myers, T.Aspinall and/or their family, let them know their record held strong for 43 years!!!!