SRC is opening Junior Tennis Team and Tennis Lessons to Non-Members too. Great for ages 9-14!

To help increase the number of participants SRC is opening Jr. Tennis team and lessons to non-members!

Junior Tennis Group Lessons – Junior Tennis Group Lessons for beginner to intermediate are Monday through Thursday. Times are scheduled to coordinate with swim team practice times. You can sign up for one week sessions from June 27 – August 2.

Junior Tennis Team – Somerset Tennis Team participates in the Junior Eastside Tennis League (JETL) for kids ages 9-14. As a member of the tennis team, our players will experience competition with clubs around the Eastside and focus on improving their fundamentals. Practices include singles and doubles play, drills, activities, and competition.

Members and non-members can now register for Jr Tennis Team and Lessons 

If interested in coaching or if you have any questions, please contact Emilie Castle, our Tennis Team Coordinator, with any tennis-related questions at