It’s the start of the season and we love to see members bring guests to spend the day enjoying the pool so this is a great time to remind all members about our guest policy  …

As a reminder … Guests will not be allowed access to the Club unless accompanied by a member. Members are responsible for ensuring that all of their guests (swimmer and non-swimmers) are signed in and have paid the $5 guest fee prior to entering the Club. The only guests not subject to the guest fee are childcare providers who come in lieu of paying member parents to supervise children.

Members should familiarize themselves with the definition of a “family unit” as stated in the Nov ’16 version of the Bylaws – You can click the link or go to the “About Us” tab on the website, select Bylaws and refer to Article III, Section 1. Those not part of a family unit are considered guests, except as noted above for childcare providers.     

And remember if you want to bring in more than 10 guests at one time, members must contact our pool manager, Jim Umbeck, for prior approval. Jim can be reached at (206) 601-3492.