We are thrilled to announce, thanks to your generosity, we raised $29,189.50 during our Annual Fundraiser Auction. Of this total, about $13,000 was specifically donated during Raise the Paddle for a new clubhouse roof. Thank you – we couldn’t have done it without you and your support!

A few board members have been working hard at getting bids together for a new roof as well as costs for all the structural improvements that will be required due to water damage – we expect a good portion, if not all, of the $13,000 raised for the roof to be spent on the roof and structural repairs to keep the current building standing for the next few years. We will keep you updated as our plans for a new roof progress but the board’s goal is to have the roof replaced and fixed prior to the 2018 season opening.

As many in our community know, the board is looking at a wide range of options for renovating SRC, including the clubhouse. We will keep you informed as our plans evolve.

If you have interest in how donations are spent, or future pool renovation plans, please email the Board President Rick Gratzer and let him know you have interest in joining the board to help shape the Rec Club’s next 60 years!