Open Swim Reservations

Open Swim Reservations are now OPEN! Make your reservations today to enjoy some pool time! Online reservation and COVID health check required for entry. See COVID-19 rules and guidelines for more information.
Membership Reservation Reminders
  • May 15 thru June 22 members are asked to make not more than 2-3 Open Swim reservations per two-week period to ensure adequate opportunity for all members to enjoy Open Swim. This includes deck reservations.
  • Please do not make more than one Open Swim Reservation per day.
  • Please note: The online reservation calendar will open 2 weeks in advance.
Canceling Your Swim Reservation
Deck Reservations
To reserve a deck you must have a Deck reservation and an Open Swim reservation. We recommend you first make an Open Swim reservation first to ensure capacity for pool time and then make your Deck reservation to ensure deck availability. Capacity of the facilities is measure based on Open Swim Reservations only.

Open Swim Time


Family Swim Time