Swim Meet Volunteers

As many of you know volunteerism is crucial in keeping any athletic organization running smoothly. We are so appreciative of the time parents volunteer and recognize their valuable time contributions. Each family is required to work at least five 4-hour sessions for the swim season. If you are unable to complete the requirement, you will be assessed a volunteer charge at the end of the season.



Volunteer Sign-up

The volunteer sign-up process is handled with the Swim Team Specific Site.  The Process for volunteering  is still being worked out.



Volunteer Opportunities

Timer: This is the most popular meet job among both new and experienced swim parents. You use a stopwatch to time the swimmer in your assigned lane. There are typically three timers per lane, and the median of the times is used as the official time (or as backup for electronic timing systems). It’s cooler on the pool deck and you get a much better view of the action!

Runner: After each race, the runner collects the times from the timers in each lane, and DQ sheets from both officials and takes them to the scoring table. You stay on the move throughout the meet, so it’s great exercise.

Stroke & Turn Judge: These judges determine whether a swimmer touched the end of the pool during a turn and whether the technical aspects of the swimming stroke were legal. It requires knowledge of the US Swimming stroke regulations, and a willingness to fairly disqualify swimmers when appropriate. NOTE: Yearly Officials Clinics are required for this position.

8U Coordinators: The coorindators help the 8U boys and girls lineup for their upcoming relays and get them psyched up for their swim.

Grill Masters: Working the grill and supporting the Snack Shack is a great place to work if you’re not interested in watching the whole meet. This is an important fund raiser for the team, as we raise money for end-of-the-season awards and other extras this way. You get to interact a lot with both kids and parents.